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Portuguese Translation Services

Portuguese Translation

Portuguese is spoken in all parts of the world, and it is the official language of 8 countries and numerous international organizations. There's some debate about how much European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese differ, but it's clear that the differences in spoken language are more pronounced than in the the formal written language. It is therefore essential to have your documents translated by a speaker of Portuguese from your target area.

Media Lingo works with translators who speak the lingo of your target market. Whether you need your documents translated into Brazilian or European Portuguese, we'll pick the translator from that country who has the most experience with the subject matter.

Why translate your website into Portuguese?

  • Portuguese is spoken by a total of 240 million people worldwide.
  • Portuguese and Spanish are the fastest growing European languages after English according to UNESCO, with about 30 million people studying the language.
  • The Portuguese internet usage penetration rate is among the highest in Europe, while Brazil has one of the largest online communities in the world.
  • With  nearly 82 million internet users, Brazil's internet penetration rate is just under 45% and is set to keep growing for some time.
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